Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace

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For the first time in Music history, a single musical event plays a prominent role in World history. In 2002 Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace performed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City leading a band consisting of Middle Eastern (both Arab and Israeli), European, Asian, and American jazz musicians in concert for an international audience. This exceptional contribution to the advancement of Jazz has now also become a memorable part of World History as detailed both HERE and below.

“By bringing Israeli, Palestinian and American Jazz musicians together Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace have used the transcendent quality of music to promote a message of peace and unity. Now, over 500 concerts later, Jazz for Peace continues its mission of challenging humanity to realize that the forces that unite us are far stronger than the forces that divide us.”

“I want to congratulate Rick and Jazz for Peace on everything they have accomplished to this point, and all the good they are sure to bring about as they continue this concert series….”

                                                    ~ United States President Barack Obama

“Five years ago, Jazz for Peace featuring Rick DellaRatta held their landmark concert at the United Nations which brought together Israeli, Palestinian, and American Jazz Musicians. Nearly 500 benefit concerts later, Jazz for Peace remains strong, supporting many worthy non-profit organizations. You have my best wishes….

                                        ~ United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

“Your United Nations Concerts highlighted the importance of cooperation between peoples of every nation. You are an excellent role model for all of us……whom everyone can point to with respect and admiration.”

                                                ~ Alcee L. Hastings – Member of Congress

“The symbol of Peace is the Dove, the color is the celestial blue of the United Nations, and the sound is the one that Rick DellaRatta has been offering to the world in his hundreds of presentations.”  

                        ~ Prof. Marcos Cintra – Secretary of Labor – Sao Paulo, Brazil


This event and Benefit Concert Series has united more world leaders and prestigious supporters than any other previous musical event including Woodstock and Live Aid combined making this another exceptional contribution to the advancement of Jazz as detailed both HERE and below.

“On behalf of the residents of New York City I commend Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace.”                                 

                                              ~ Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“…steadfast and creative….Jazz for Peace unites the world of the arts with the arenas for justice. May other musical and artistic groups emulate your example and your consistency” For Peace and Justice,

~ Ralph Nader

“A person who cares for the suffering for others is a man of God and Mr. DellaRatta deserves that honor. It is very rare to find such a humble person like Mr. DellaRatta who dedicates his life to promoting peace and understanding and most importantly to raise awareness and support for the poor/suffering masses, especially in the third world countries, through his Jazz for Peace Charity Concerts. It is my prayer that God in his infinite Mercy will continue to grant Mr. DellaRatta the strength and wisdom to continue with his crusade and good work.”

~ Emmanual M.I. Omokha, Sr. – The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc.

“Most interested to hear about what you are doing…And this aspect of life and culture particularly…..I greatly admire those who contribute to it.”

                                       ~ Noam Chomsky

“I would like to commend the staff and volunteers for all of their hard work and devotion on behalf of such an outstanding cause.”

                     ~ United States Senator John McCain

“Your message of peace and unity serves as a welcome and timely reminder to the world that ultimately we are brothers and sisters and we all share a common destiny. I take this opportunity to commend your organization for your commitment to this noble cause. It is because of such selfless devolution to humanity by a few that the world today remains a safe home for many.


          ~ Hon. Raila P. Odinga – Prime Minister – Republic of Kenya, Africa.


Through a Benefit Concert Series that is now considered “One of the Most Significant Cultural Event of Our Time!” while “Uniting people through the art form of Jazz”, another first in both Jazz and Music History making this an exceptional contribution for the advancement of Jazz as detailed in the complete list of Testimonials located HERE along with these additional examples below.

Partnering with Jazz for Peace is…an opportunity for the community to experience world-class music, while raising much needed funds                                                            

~ The American Red Cross

We felt the need to invite DellaRatta and his group because their work in promoting peace through music, is well known in the world.                                                           


The concert was attended by people of all backgrounds…. The ceremony uniting Rick with the Maasai people marked a new beginning, a new lease on the life of caring for wildlife in the area.

             ~ Paul Kilelu, Empaash Oloorienito Conservancy – Kenya, Africa

We are honored to be receiving this benefit concert grant from the foundation, and to be bringing such a highly praised, culturally acclaimed event to Sun Valley.       

~ Special Olympics 

The performance was amazing. We enjoyed it very much! Cerdan was so happy as he felt the support, felt someone listening to his thoughts…we thank you for making time to be involved and supporting our efforts.

         ~ Phira – Concert to address bullying in schools

“AIDSfreeAFRICA cannot wait to have you come to Cameroon for a Jazz for Peace concert. Very excited to see your progress…..From the Iguana Restaurant in New York City’s Jazz for Peace concert supporting AIDSfreeAFRICA to Cameroon! You are on your way.”


“My heartfelt thanks to all at Jazz for Peace”

~ G. Suresh Kumar – Positive Awareness Service Society –  India

“The Jazz for Peace Benefit Concert Series  (featuring Rick DellaRatta) has earned its place as one of the most significant cultural events of our time!”

             ~The New Ghanaian (West Africa) 


His dedication to helping children (“our future”) via his Education Series (click HERE) & Instrument Donation Program (click HERE) is truly an exceptional contribution through the advancement of Jazz as detailed in these links while at the same time using this platform to promoting musicians rights via his partnership with the Local 802 and other musicians unions as detailed below.

 “…what an extraordinary program you have….It is so impressive how you and your organization have committed yourselves to ensuring that some of the most at-risk, underprivileged children have access to such a vital growth tool, music….I truly believe this will significantly change my CASA Youth’s life in ways she never could have imagined just a few months ago. “

~ Gwendolyn Coleman – CASA of DC

“Jazz for Peace is an organization… dedicated to improving the quality of life of our citizens by forging community development through the arts…. internationally known for its outstanding music and its continued efforts to provide musical instruments to underprivileged schools and children. I thank you again for your remarkable contributions to the Birmingham Cool Reggae-Jazz Music Festival as well as the entire Jazz Industry. Your tireless commitment to uniting people through the art form of Jazz is immeasurable.”

~ William A. Bell – Mayor, Birmingham, Alabama


Achieving each of these goals because the most unprecedented quality of all: THE MUSIC!  (Click HERE for the Music!) This Unique Combination of Vocals in both English and Portuguese along with Virtuoso Piano Playing and Outstanding Compositions featuring both Latin and Brazilian rhythms makes Rick DellaRatta “one of the most unique and exciting live performances in music today!” Through his worldwide performances which have included taking Jazz both figuratively and literally where it has never been before, Rick is widely considered one of only a handful of Jazz Artists who can make a successful musical presentation to a large audience without having to abandon the true art form of Jazz.

“Rick DellaRatta is one of the people who is taking Jazz to the next level”   *Describing the music from Ricks Thought Provoking CD  

                                                            ~Dr. Billy Taylor

“This multi-talented pianist also has a wonderful voice! He composes with a monkish touch…also interesting is the good contrast in the soloing of the aggressive Leibman to the more laidback solos of DellaRatta with nice use of spaces.”

                                                              ~Swing Journal – Japan

” DellaRatta brought new life to an old sweet song.”

                                          ~Boston Globe

“DellaRatta…..demonstrating a talent for composing, improvising and arranging….that recalled Thelonius Monk’s flair for refreshing familiar chord progressions with harmonic twists…..an imaginative reworking that moved from the sublime to swinging and back again.”

                                       ~Washington Post

“DellaRatta…well crafted with strong traces of influence from McCoy Tyner and Bill Evans.”

                                    ~LA Times

“Sure it will be a good show.”

                                ~The New York Times Jazz Forum


In addition to his Jazz for Peace CD which features this unique artist at Birdland and Troy Music Hall with the worlds finest Jazz Musicians (Eddie Gomez, Lenny White, and Paquito D’Rivera) along with The London Symphony Orchestra, here are three more highlights which feature Rick performing three completely different styles of Jazz at an extraordinary level:

·  Heralded in Rwanda, Africa – Rick addresses genocide and performs a tribute to Dizzy http://youtu.be/oplUrCUcNq8

·  Heralded in Sao Paulo, Brazil – Rick performs to aid the favela children http://youtu.be/rdCP4p2ppCk

·  Honored in Little Rock, AR – Rick brings Jazz back to their legendary Ballroom  http://youtu.be/8WuhrJV7Yxs

·  Honored in India – Footage of Rick DellaRatta Honorary Ceremony in Tamilnadu, India  

·  Jazz Alley TV Documentary: Rick DellaRatta Live in Japan!   Click HERE


Jazz for Peace featuring Rick DellaRatta is now considered to be one of the finest live musical acts performing today and one of only a handful of Jazz Artists who can make a successful musical presentation to a large audience without having to abandon the true art form of Jazz. Through their unprecedented endeavor to help advance people to their highest potential through the understanding of Jazz as well as spreading peace worldwide through the “Jazz for Peace World Tour”, Jazz for Peace has made an innovative and visionary contribution to the Arts and to the betterment of our World.

·  Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace Promo Video: Click HERE

·  Rick and Jazz for Peace raise funds for the Katrina Victims of New Orleans – Click HERE

·  Bringing Jazz and philanthropy to the remote regions of Southern India. Click HERE

Although being noted in the book “Jazz Singers” as one of the top jazz vocalists of all time and on The Foundation Center’s list of top musician philanthropists with Bono, Elton John, Peter Gabriel, and Sting would surely be a high point for any other Jazz Artist, Rick DellaRatta has transcended our standard perception of excellence through these five truly exceptional and unprecedented contributions to the advancement of Jazz as well as exposing the art form of Jazz to people for the first time.

 “Before Rick DellaRatta and Jazz For Peace I did not care for Jazz! Definitely not my thing! After hearing them in concert, I have decided to give Jazz a chance. Rick’s music (lyrics) along with the Jazz for Peace band was soothing and romantic!”

                                             ~ Amanda Griffin – First Home Alliance, Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Jazz for Peace concert. Rick was AWESOME. I didn’t think I liked Jazz music until I heard him. He touched our hearts. The location was AWESOME. It was a “classy” atmosphere, naturally decorated this time of year with the Christmas theme…poinsettias everywhere. The people….really enjoyed themselves and indicated that they will go back and tell others for next year. Thanks for a wonderful cultural experience…”

                                                                    ~ Trellis – IAMBK, Inc.

JAZZ FOR PEACE – “IT’S THE MUSIC!” – Do your ears a favor and hear it! –http://www.powerpresskits.com/PPKs/indexC.aspx?PPK=5192&pg=audio09