Step 2 – Help us plant the ROOTS of your empowerment tree.

*** Before continuing with this next step be sure that you have already:

1. Watched our introductory video below. ***  

THANKS! You are now ready to proceed by letting us show you how to use these  achievements to raise funds, publicity, awareness and more for you with each step as well as review our VIP GUESTS OF HONOR FAST FACTS!

Click below to see event at Washington DC Lincoln Memorial. 

“International Jazz Day could not happen without partners like Jazz for Peace….using concerts, community outreach and education programs to raise support and awareness for local and international charities…to promote charitable and service-based activities that help make a positive difference in the world…to unify and empower the vulnerable in our society. We are indebted to you for your steadfast support, and look forward to working with you…” ~ Herbie Hancock

Click on picture below for Video then scroll below for VIP FAST FACTS!

“Help us Plant the ROOTS – so we can Grow Your Empowerment Tree!”

The ROOTS are VIP Guests of Honor chosen by YOU using our 5 proven techniques, who will be allowed to PROFIT $ by attending this historic event, giving outstanding causes the opportunity to not only thank and reward their supporters but also EXPAND their vital donor base.

Rewarding your VIP Guests! – A necessary step towards sustainability.

Below is a video taken inside an actual VIP Meet and Greet Ceremony where you can see the actual ROOTS of one of many hundreds of Jazz for Peace Empowerment Trees!

VIP GUEST OF HONOR EXAMPLE ~ Click HERE to see an actual VIP Ceremony  at our event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, then see the actual results from this Grant Award here:


Answer: Because each one of these VIP Guests of Honor are cashing in on all of the fantastic rewards, savings, perks and honors detailed in these VIP Guest of Honor Fast Facts below which are provided by our Foundation as part of your Empowerment Grant Award!




A.  Incredible opportunity to say “Thank You!” –  Everyone that you would like to thank, reward, and rejuvenate will have the opportunity to PROFIT FROM THIS EVENT THEMSELVES by attending as the VIP Guests of Honor and accepting in return for their VIP Honorary designation all of the wonderful and fantastic rewards and amenities that are detailed at this link and outlined in these VIP videos below. As you can see from these video examples, we’ve never met a VIP Guest of Honor who was anything less than thrilled to be a part of this event. Our Grant Administrators are well aware of this fact and delighted to assist you with this step!

B. Truly Memorable Event. – Memorabilia from historic Jazz for Peace concerts starting with our very first event at the United Nations are now worth many times their original value. And for good reason – Click Here !  Because of this we now offer a limited and numbered memorabilia item for you to choose from which will be given only to the VIP Guests of Honor thereby assuring the continuous appreciation in value of this item. The opportunity for your VIP Guests to possess a memento of significant appreciation is just one of many opportunities that have been offered.

C.  $100 Savings! –  In addition to Board Members, friends, family, and supporters, this event will also have great appeal to friends and associates of yours who under normal circumstances “simply don’t have the money” to attend an event of this significance. Here is exactly why this event is the most economical opportunity for your VIP Guests that will take place in your town during this time period. At $25 per ticket you save $100. The cost of one regular priced General Admission ticket is $50 and the cost of one VIP ticket is $75. However if a person is fortunate enough to be chosen by you as a VIP Guest of Honor the cost for their VIP ticket is only $25. And because they are allowed to buy 2 tickets (so that their spouse, significant other, or whomever they would like to accompany them can also be a VIP) they get a $100 savings.

D. VIP Perks and Amenities –  In addition to the $100 savings to attend one of the world’s most significant cultural events for one of the worlds greatest causes (your cause!), a VIP Guest of Honor ALSO has the opportunity to receive the following depending upon our various sponsors:

  • A VIP Meet and Greet Ceremony
  • And in many instances Free Food
  • Free Beverages
  • And even Free gifts

Estimated Value: In MANY instances – MORE than the $25 you are spending on the entire evening.

E. Incredible Musical Presentation! – A World Class Cultural Event considered by many cultural enthusiasts worldwide to be “One of the most Significant Cultural Events of Our Time!” as you can clearly see HERE – Unprecedented Achievements in Jazz!

Estimated Value – DEFINITELY MORE than the $25 you are spending on the entire evening.

F. Truly Outstanding Grant Recipient. – Lets certainly not forget the Outstanding Cause and Beneficiary of this Event – the majority of whom represent the most significant causes and very finest organizations in the world! We have simply NEVER encountered a grant recipient whose outstanding cause ALONE wasn’t worth at LEAST $25 or more!

Estimated Value of just this component  – Priceless.

Your VIP Guest of Honor Ticket Price for this entire event including all of the components listed above: All for only $25

G. Innovative & personalized ideas just for you – like this surprise appearance by Jazz for Peace in the VIP Room!

See video here:

In this one of many innovative examples, Jazz for Peace make a surprise appearance in the VIP Room itself just to give some added value to one of our Grant Recipients and their coveted VIP Guests of Honor!

Just from these VIP benefits alone it is no small wonder that those testimonials you read in Step 1 were so glowing.

Previous grant recipients have easily used this fundraising step to attract between 50 to 100 or more VIP Guests of Honor, who then help us EXPAND your vital Donor base by offering these same perks and rewards to THEIR clients, associates and loved ones!

Fundraisingstep1 However please keep in mind that this is only ONE of SEVEN fundraising steps as we grow each branch of your Empowerment Tree in addition to long term opportunities that this Grant provides even after these seven fundraising steps are completed.

QUESTION: Are you saying that once we thank, reward, honor and rejuvenate our supporters as well as EXPAND our vital donor base there is even MORE to gain from this GRANT?

ANSWER: MUCH MORE!  After the ROOTS have been planted comes the very best part of all.

Growing the Seven Sustainable Branches of your Empowerment Tree!

To learn more about our Empowerment Tree – Click HERE for our GRANT WORKSHOP VIDEO which also shows you how to use your template letter to submit your VIP List w/ application to quickly obtain funding approval!


Easy Video explains Proven Technique #4 (“A lot of people doing a little bit – making a VIP List and asking all of your other team members to do the same!)

Click HERE to watch our “Help Us Plant The ROOTS” 1 minute Video!!

You can review each of these proven strategies in the “Winning Roots Planting Techniques” section below.



Before we can Grow the amazing Branches of the Tree, we must first “PLANT THE ROOTS” – The VIP GUESTS OF HONOR chosen by you! Here’s how to “Help Us Plant the ROOTS of Your Empowerment Tree” quickly and move on to the SEVEN highly profitable Fundraising Branches:

QUESTION: “Using the least amount of effort on our end – how can we help Jazz for Peace plant the Roots of our Tree QUICKLY? ….. So that your team can get directly to these amazing Branches with their proven track record of obtaining Sponsors, Publicity and Awareness, New and Prestigious Supporters, Maximum Fundraising Techniques and MORE for our Outstanding Cause?”

ANSWER: With the help of your VIP Letter (Click here for sample –, there are actually many rewarding and enjoyable ways to “Easily plant the ROOTS” and confirm your event with “Fund$ already raised for you!” Here are a few examples to get you started. These three popular techniques detailed below are used either individually or in combination to make the process even easier!


One way is to offer FREE Sponsorship to a Friend, Board Member, Sponsor or Group of Sponsors in return for “confirmation funds loan”. This is often the quickest and most convenient method and has the following benefits:

A. Instead of paying a sponsorship fee (Click HERE for example), A local business or corporate sponsor will actually receive FREE sponsorship for this event because they will get paid back as you collect the money from your VIP guests of honor. This partnership not only offers a huge convenience for you, but also creates tremendous value for the sponsor!

B. Instead of having to wait until all of your funds are collected from your VIPs to confirm your event, you are instead able to confirm your event immediately thereby maximizing your funding award by giving us more time to grow your Empowerment Tree.

Often this step can be as easy as simply showing your VIP List to a friend or Board Member and asking them to loan you the funds to confirm your event NOW so that Jazz for Peace Foundation can begin “Growing your Empowerment Tree” while you pay them back in the coming days as you collect the funds from your VIP Guests of Honor!

*Please note that we are not liable for any agreements made between other parties for a Jazz for Peace event.*

If this sounds like the most convenient method for you, please allow our Grant Administrators to assist you with this option.

2. Simple step to sell an extra ticket or even an extra PAIR of tickets to each person while you are collecting from them. 

A. Be sure to tell each VIP that you need to collect the funds for their pair (or MORE) of tickets immediately (VIP roots planted) so that there will be plenty of time to grow the empowerment tree (

B. Now simply say this to sell an extra pair of tickets or MORE! – “As soon as the Guests of Honor are confirmed the ticket price for future VIP Guests of Honor will be TRIPLED and the price will be at least $75 PER TICKET!” You can then suggest that they grab an extra pair of tickets RIGHT NOW before the price TRIPLES and also make a quick check with friends, family members or associates right away to see if they ALSO want to save $100 by purchasing their pair of tickets RIGHT NOW!

OR – if they don’t have anyone in mind right this second – Maybe they want to “better be safe than sorry” and buy ONE MORE TICKET at $25 and this way they can decide between now and the event who else they would like to invite to re-sell it to?

Combining these 2 techniques above has enabled previous Grant recipients to be able to confirm this event even faster with only 2/3rds of the VIPs while collecting from the other 3rd of the people at the 100% to YOU level and raising even more funds from this first step while funds are being raised from the Branches of the Empowerment Tree AT THE SAME TIME!

3. One little baby step can make all the difference! 

A. Contact the friend or family member that you are the closest to who would be willing to take a quick minute out of their day to watch this VIDEO – Click HERE

Ask them what they think of it and if they would be willing to receive a massive amount of savings, gifts, perks and rewards in order to attend such an event themselves to help out your outstanding cause.

B. Now call up a person who knows BOTH you and this other person and tell them all the things that your friend just said about this video and that you were wondering if THEY could take a quick minute out of their day to watch it too!

C. Now contact a person who knows ALL THREE of you and tell that person that 2 of their mutual friends just watched this video  and tell them all the things that your friend just said about this video and that you were wondering if THEY could take a quick minute out of their day to watch it too!

By adding more and more people you can easily reach others via this ancient “Word of Mouth” method and QUICKLY compile your VIP List. Be sure to ask each of your other team members to do the same!


Another and perhaps the most popular of the easiest ways is to have “A LOT OF PEOPLE” (such as your Board members and enthusiastic supporters) – “DOING A LITTLE BIT”  simply by forming a VIP Invite Committee and asking each person to do “a little bit” by inviting a few VIP’s each!

QUESTION: Who can we ask to join the VIP Invite Committee?

ANSWER: Committee members consist of people you want to honor, thank, rejuvenate and reward as the limited and very special VIP Guests of Honor at this world-class cultural event.  Previous VIPs at Jazz for Peace Events have included:

  • Board Members – along with their family members, friends, associates and supporters.
  • Previous donors, friends, volunteers and supporters of your organization along with their friends and family as well as future donors and supporters.
  • Sponsors, along with THEIR friends, family, their loyal customers, past and future clients and associates, as well as prestigious members of your community and in many cases your state and your country.


A. Form a group consisting of enthusiastic supporters and Board members.

B. Ask each person in the Group to send the Invitation letter we provide to you out to their friends and familyinviting them to PROFIT from this event and follow up with a few of them by phone or in person.

A group of 5 members need only to gather 10 VIPs each (including themselves of course) to have 55 VIP Guests of Honor!  (110 tickets total if each VIP Guest purchases a ticket for their spouse or significant other as 92% of our attendees do.)

A group of 8 members need only to gather 9 VIPs each (including themselves of course) to have 80 VIP Guests of Honor!  (160 tickets total if each VIP Guest purchases a ticket for their spouse or significant other as 92% of our attendees do.)

A group of 15 members need only to gather 5 VIPs each (including themselves of course) to have 90 VIP Guests of Honor! (180 tickets total)

A group of 25 members need only to gather 3 VIPs each (including themselves of course) to have 100 VIP Guests of Honor! (200 tickets total!)

Here is a Video of this popular and successful technique!

With personalized assistance from our outstanding Grant Administration Dept., just follow as closely as possible this proven “A Lot of People Doing A Little Bit!” Event Confirmation technique using the special VIP INVITE Letter that we will design and personalize for you, your Board, and other enthusiastic supporters to invite only a handful of VIP GUESTS OF HONOR EACH and which has already worked for 850 others.

5. “A lot of SPONSORS doing a little bit!” 

At this link is a poster of an event which was confirmed simply by having 5 sponsors purchase 25 pairs of VIP Discount Tickets Each (50 tickets total per sponsor).   CLICK HERE FOR POSTER

This technique enabled this Outstanding Cause to confirm their event “With funds already raised for their outstanding cause!” as well as graduate to the “100 to you!” maximum fundraising level at the same time. We were now able to give them 100% of all ticket sales from both the VIP GUEST of HONOR tickets and full price General Admission, and 100% of all additional sponsorships, proceeds from silent auctions, raffles, and additional Fund Raising techniques, and most of all 100% of each branch as we grew their Empowerment Tree!

Taking full advantage of these proven fundraising techniques detailed above will enable you to present all of the impressive and profitable VIP rewards, perks and honorariums to your VIP GUESTS OF HONOR in a clear and effective way and EASILY collect the funds from them (at a $100 per pair savings!) in a consistent and expedient fashion.

Please keep in mind that many of our recipients confirm their events quickly by using a combination of any or all of these techniques  and you are also welcome to do the same. Be sure to work closely with our Grant Administration Team so that we can give you maximum personalized assistance so that you achieve the most successful results.

Planting the roots quickly enables each of the seven sustainable branches of the Tree to begin their growing process. And in order for the amazing results that you read about in our testimonials (see Step 1) to be achieved, it is ALWAYS best to begin the growing process quickly!



This very first “roots planting step” will enable you to:

1. Obtain Funding Approval;

2. Expand your vital donor Base;  

3. Thank, reward and rejuvenate your current supporters;

4. Get much needed funds directly into your account! 

5. And perhaps the VERY BEST OF ALL ….. achieve the”100% to YOU!” Level – A well executed “planting of the Roots” sets the stage for maximum funds to be obtained by graduating you to the “100% to you!” level meaning that ALL of the revenue and benefits generated from the Highly Profitable Branches of your Empowerment Tree will now go DIRECTLY TO YOU!!!


Here is just one example of many variations on this theme taken from a real Jazz for Peace Event (this one in Portland, Oregon).

VIP's gather for the Pre Concert Meet and Greet!

VIP’s gather for the Pre Concert Meet and Greet!

The high quality social and networking opportunity gets underway with additional rewards and freebies provided by various sponsors.

The high quality social and networking opportunity gets underway with additional rewards and freebies provided by various sponsors.

Just as this enjoyable and profitable ceremony is winding down, the crowd is beginning to arrive in anticipation of a GREAT SHOW!

Just as this enjoyable and profitable ceremony is winding down, the crowd is beginning to arrive in anticipation of a GREAT SHOW!

Understanding the Branches:


These examples are two Branches of your Empowerment Tree.

Branch #5 – New and Prestigious Supporters


Click here to see Branch #5 “New and Prestigious Supporters” Example: BirminghamMayor

See additional examples HERE.

Branch #4 – Local and Major Corporate Sponsors.



From: Jazz for Peace <>
Subject: Peter, James and Tina: Congratulations and we are EXTREMELY excited!!
Date: October 19, 2013 12:07:42 AM EDT
To: Peter Young

As for my Platinum Sponsorship, I hereby confirm it… send me the paperwork and A/C details for the money transfer.

Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for this wonderful confirmation!
The best news of all is that we have worked long and hard to help Phalanx Family Services reach the “100% to you!” plateau meaning that ALL of these funds will go straight to them!
I have copied both James and Tina on this email so that you can arrange with them the bank wire transfer information for their account that you will need to make the transfer.
I (and of course the rest of our team) am EXTREMELY excited to show you all of the value that buying2give is going to receive from this wonderful platinum sponsorship package so please ask James and Tina to contact me the second that they receive their confirmation so that our team can get started!!!

We look forward to this opportunity to provide maximum value to buying2give!


John De Angelis – Grant Administrator – Latest News:  Jazz for Peace receives award from the children of Port-au-Prince, Haiti – (CLICK HERE!)

See numerous additional sponsorship examples HERE




Many of our previous recipients have complained about having to exhaust the same donor base every year. In response to that a Jazz for Peace Empowerment Grant gives your organization the opportunity to thank, reward, rejuvenate, and honor this vital constituency which we like to call the roots of your empowerment tree. Jazz for Peace accomplishes this by offering irresistible awards, savings and perks to VIP Guests of Honor selected by you. Grant recipients also expand their donor base by using this world class event and numerous VIP rewards to attract new supporters as VIP Guests of Honor thereby strengthening as well as enlarging the roots of the empowerment tree.

Each VIP selected for this award will be given the opportunity to profit (see VIP Guest of Honor Fast Facts) by purchasing a special pair of discount VIP tickets for themselves and their significant other. VIPs also assist you by generating grass-roots word of mouth support by notifying their family, friends, associates and supporters that they can also attend as a VIP as well. We call this group of core supporters The VIP Invite Committee.

Every Tree must have ROOTS. The ROOTS of your tree are the VIP Guests of Honor chosen by you.

With proven “ROOT Planting” techniques such as “A lot of people doing a little bit”, along with the VIP EXPANDER INVITE Letter that we provide, you will easily be able to thank, reward honor and rejuvenate your current supporters, EXPAND your vital donor base, confirm your event with funds already raised for you, and qualify for the “100% to you maximum funds” level – all at the same time!


Make sure you thoroughly understand how to “Help Us Plant the ROOTS” in this SUMMARY Video and FAQ!

FAQ: Please tell me everything I need to know about the VIP Invite Committee: (Click here for answer

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“Jazz for Peace provides Empowerment Grants and sustainable funding for non-profits and all outstanding causes worldwide for over a decade”


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